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Why I (Should) Stopped Caring for My (Extended) Family

To make this short: because they seem to forget to mind their fucking business. The longer version goes like any typical annual gathering in any Asian, Southeast Asian or Indonesian families, where most of the older relatives felt the need to ask and pry on your personal matters. Through the years, I’ve went through “when … Continue reading

Ranking the Disney Princesses!

Last week, I stumbled upon a YouTube video by Screen Junkies where four certified adult nerds discuss and rank all Disney princesses – I was surprised they brought Marc Andreyko into the panel. They rank the princesses through seven different categories (Royal Lineage, Sidekick, Independence, Theme Song, Intelligence, Relatability, Talent), give them scores, and then add it up. … Continue reading

Winning Eleven: My Best Movies of All Time

Let’s start my trashing on this blog. And what subject -or, in this case- is more proper in my world, than movies? 11 seems appropriate, because 10 is too mainstream, 9 is too less, and 12 is an even number (I got my own system. Shut up.). As you scroll down, you will notice that I have … Continue reading

Lucky Penny

Anybody remember that one episode of How I Met Your Mother back from season 2, where Ted and Robin failed to catch an early flight to Chicago for a job interview? Of all the 208 episodes spanning 9 seasons, that was my personal favorite episode. Great writing, brilliant twists, the acting was still excellent, and the best … Continue reading

Moving On…Moving On. Nothing to See Here.

I know i promised you epic shits about my affection for pop cultures. But even I’m too lazy doing that. And as it always happen, something else more interesting to write came up, I started that instead,…and not finishing that either. Then comes this. It’s what I think I’m being most productive about in my previous … Continue reading

Resolute + Revolt!

Okay, so apparently my plan on get my lazy ass working on this blog and regularly posting about…things… didn’t actually worked. Another huge gap here. It’s very obvious that I hate (making the effort of) giving updates about my life -unless there’s something that’s emotional enough. In the past six months, my brother got married, faced … Continue reading

The Beauty of Memories

I’m gonna give you an advice, boys. When one day you met a girl, a very great girl and you were totally crazy about her… but it didn’t work out for both of you for any number of reasons, My advice to you, is to never let go the memory. Remember her, her smile, her … Continue reading


Let me just cut this straight, since I’m typing this on my phone. First of all, I have to apologise to those who (would) read this and maybe to myself, that my procrastinating has gotten the best of me. A record of more than a year since my last post. That’s just sad and disgusting. … Continue reading

Football: Get Over It.

Am I the only one who thinks that FIFA should not be the absolute organization for global football? Sepp Blatter’s countless insensitive and stupid comments -most recently concerning Kevin-Prince Boateng’s walk-off racism rage. Last night showed how much their credibility had gone worse: Lionel Messi’s Ballon d’Or for the fourth (consecutive) times. Please bear in … Continue reading

The Petraeus Scandal -According to Weekend Update

I love Saturday Night Live. Not a popular show here in Indo (though we had its local version in the star studded short lived Extravaganza a few years back), but always enjoyed it whenever I got the chance to watch. And it has been a very long time since the last time I did. After … Continue reading