My Phobia

Everybody has their own fear of something. That something that could make our spine shiver, our knees shake, and our heat racing. I always though that my fear all these times is the fear of rats (musophobia). Yet, just recently, I realised that I have another thing that was way more serious…and needed a cure … Continue reading

Summer 2012

Not really gonna tell you what I did the whole summer this year, because basically summer in Bali means tourist packed everywhere, hot and humid weather, and crazy traffic. Plus, I was in the turmoil of having the deadly cocktail of (yet another) break up, family issues, school’s (never ending) shit, and the worst of … Continue reading

Protected: Super Awesomeness

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Born to Fight

On Monday, September 24th, another brawl between the students of SMAN (public high school) 70 and SMAN 6 of Blok M imploded -again. And what we have always feared of the worst thing that could possibly happen, has happened: a student killed after being stabbed on the chest. His name was Alawy Yusianto Putra, a … Continue reading