Summer 2012

Not really gonna tell you what I did the whole summer this year, because basically summer in Bali means tourist packed everywhere, hot and humid weather, and crazy traffic. Plus, I was in the turmoil of having the deadly cocktail of (yet another) break up, family issues, school’s (never ending) shit, and the worst of all: money problem. But summer also means there’s a whole lot of great gigs to come to…had I had the money.

But thanks to a certain connection, AKA Madame “Desperately Wishing that I’m Still a Skinny Teenager in the 90s'” Runi, with her over flowing privileges as a lifestyle reporter (and my ability to call shotgun on her +1s), I managed to get myself into two of the most awesome gigs in the island: Fatboy Slim and Foster the People! Let’s cut the chase and get right to the dirt. *do forgive me for some lame point of views or storytelling further down this post, I’m a concert-reviewer-virgin.

Fatboy Slim

Runi was supposed to get an extra free pass/invitation to her already hung-around-her-neck crew pass. And being the very un-firm little girl that she is, Runi tossed the chicken flavored invitation right in the middle of us hungry alligators, then danced her way out of all possible awkwardness. But, the more we get closer to the day, Runi decided to give the free pass to Ingga, since he was the only one still in the cry-baby state. I guess it’s just fair enough, and it was too steep for my financial condition anyway, so basically hope is all I got. So, at Sunday, 15th of July afternoon, I had lost all hope, lying there in my bed, preparing myself to another long lonely night watching downloaded TV series and eating MSG-ed cheese flavored crap, Runi texted me and told me that she got another free ticket for me! Boom!

I flew that right away (I don’t think I’ve ever showered that fast before), and as it turned out, she pulled some strings to get some extra three tickets, so that the whole gang could come! I arrived there, went in, met the guys while Runi was interviewing Mr. Norman Cook himself, and observing what might gonna be one of the coolest gigs I’ve ever been. The stage was build right above the swimming pool, but a part of it was still visible (and maybe swimable during the show). There were animal shaped air balloons tied to the beach behind the stage. Penguin, tiger, elephant, to name a few, and a dozen of inflatable monkeys hanging on the coconut trees. The club was packed like I’ve never seen before.

Right nearing sunset, Fatboy Slim stepped up the stage and jammed us with the intro of –you know it- Praise You. The chant we made were divine and nostalgic, it brought the junior high school me out. Yet, that was the extend of my nostalgic moment. Slim played non stop for about 2 hours, but I guess, not being a big fan of dance musics, it was kinda meh for me. It was fun, but turned out it was the same thing whether you watched a rock band nor an international DJ, you wait for the song that you’re familiar with –or in this case, you like. Sure he slipped in some goodie oldie samples (Rock the Casbah) into his mix, but the rest were kinda confusing. Nearing the end, he started to splash in the reffs from Rockafeller Skank, Right Here Right Now, Gangsta Trippin’, Ya Mama, and maybe some more that I didn’t remember.

But overall, it was actually a once in a lifetime experience to watch Fatboy Slim. If there were ever in my adolescent times that I ever like dance music, it started in junior high, and it started with Fatboy Slim. And what an awesome gig that was!

Foster the People

Yep, the hottest boys in hipster indie pop is the surprise last act in the beach club’s summer closing party. After they opened with Fatboy Slim, a series of weekend parties that featured Justice, and a costume party to name a few, they closed their hysteric summer with Foster the People. And this time when Runi told me that she might only gonna get the chance to take one of us, I called shotgun. So whether Runi is gonna get more free pass or not, I’m still gonna go. No last minute thrill here, except that I needed to go to campus that afternoon which makes me and Runi were gonna meet there instead I pick her up first. As predicted, I came in kinda later thatn I did on the Fatboy Slim gig, so I nearly got now parking space left. But a few persuasions and maximizing my KTN’s offroad prowess, I managed to get a rocky spot –literally.

I went in, it was already dark, and noisy, that I needed a while to find Runi. But most importantly, I wasn’t late for the show. It was still a DJ set, performed by a guy from N.E.R.D. which I forgot the name. Right at 7.30 PM, the band descended in their much hipster attire (Miami Vice-esque white suit, flat cap, and of course properly rolled up skinny jeans)  and hit the first song: Miss You. Perfect! This is one of my most favorite songs from their album, and it pumped the crowd right. I was kinda distracted from enjoying the song because I was trying to call my girlfriend (this is kinda our ‘get-back-together’ song), but the reception was too lousy, I couldn’t even get a dial tone until the song ended.

Anyway, the show went on and it was a blast. Runi and I were actually familiar with all the songs (except the two new songs they brought with them), but we don’t actually knew the lyrics. We were just having fun there. We moved about a few dozen meters to the back because it was higher and from the spot we were, we couldn’t see shit. The band delivered a clean and impressively improvised and varied set, which provoked Runi and I to think that they were on roofies. There were times when Foster sat on to play a minmi piano, then he pulled a drum to the front to start an intro, then another band member would run around banging a cowbell.

Then they pulled one of the lamest retire to encore ever. They ended up the set, said thank you, waved, and went to the back, before even playing their biggest hit yet: Pumped Up Kicks! Nobody is gonna yell “we want more” for that. And of course they were back, sealed the show with an extended live version of that trigger happy song, and the whole joint were light up in fireworks. Yep, the closing of the summer parties were marked by a salvo of awesome fireworks for about 15-20 minutes.

All in all, a great show, and though Runi and I weren’t that young to blend with Foster the People’s actual fans, we still got it…I guess.

*Oh, one more thing. These gigs was held at Potato Head Beach Club, one of the best and hottest joint in Seminyak right now. They have lousy overpriced cocktails, excellent food, an overrated hipster heaven (believe me, on national long weekends, this place is Pondok Indah Mall with more aurat shown), but they do know how to make a party. Can’t wait for what they have on the plate for next year. I could only hope… Passion Pit, Florence and the Machines, Bloc Party, or The Killers, please?

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  1. R says:

    Madame “Desperately Wishing that I’m Still a Skinny Teenager in the 90s’”? Foine. NO MORE FREE TIX FOR YOU!

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