D-5 of Your 58th

My mother asked,

Why won’t you talk to him?

I answered,

I have never been taught and given example of sharing in this family. Why should I start now?

Then she replied,

Well, he’s trying. He just had a realisation that everything that he held strong all these times, was not the right thing for him. Trust me, son. He’s trying very hard.

I should be breaking down in tears by now. Yet. I did not skip a beat. Heartless is just in my blood already concerning my father. At least, I need more convincing than some surprise visit that turned out to be a two nights stay in my private space. Or some phone call every morning at 6 where you would judge me if I’m not up yet. Or let’s just streeetch back and you try to tell me, why should I be an engineer? Why is a ten year old boy dancing in front of a home video camera sounds so ridiculous for you? Why is reading while eating punishable by my book being torn?  Why is sleeping during a one hour drive forbidden?

More than how annoyed I am with all that, let’s go back to yesterday, when you called and telling me that you’re coming to town. The point is this, father: You couldn’t even share me your itinerary, then why should I share my problems with you?


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