Let me just cut this straight, since I’m typing this on my phone. First of all, I have to apologise to those who (would) read this and maybe to myself, that my procrastinating has gotten the best of me. A record of more than a year since my last post. That’s just sad and disgusting. No one is that lazy…

But, some good news might explain (and maybe, reason) a bit. I finally finishes my studies after more than a decade slacking off. And things…are surprisingly going very well. Unemployed, but never felt so relieved in mu whole life. Financially and professionally, I manage on doing some small time writing gigs. Family? We’re having a wedding this year so totally occupied but probably stronger than ever. Health, I need to drop a lot of kilos. Quick. And of course, romance. Finally, I share the same timezone with PLS, and in the same city, too!

Well, that’s it for now. As a consolation and maybe punishment to myself, I’m gonna write something, and I’m still gini a excruciate myself typing on my phone.



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