Resolute + Revolt!

Okay, so apparently my plan on get my lazy ass working on this blog and regularly posting about…things… didn’t actually worked. Another huge gap here. It’s very obvious that I hate (making the effort of) giving updates about my life -unless there’s something that’s emotional enough. In the past six months, my brother got married, faced an important crossroads in my life, faced a ghost from the past, graduated, got a job, got another job, ran away from home, and facing new challenges everyday. And I didn’t write about any of them. What a bum.

Anyway, I think just to make this interesting -and a tad more… filled- I think I’ll just discuss things in lists. Mostly about pop cultures, so it will be easier. Then after that maybe I could escalate into the smart blogger everybody will follow. Eheheh…

So, see ya!


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